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We want to be a ‘generous presence’ in Lady Bay

Things have been changing for us and not just because of Covid.  We have a new vicar, and are a 'church graft', a church community made up of people who have been at All Hallows for a while as well as others who have joined more recently. We all have a heart for being following Jesus here in Lady Bay and want to see it flourish. We would love for you to pop in!



Jonathan and Kristine are new to Lady Bay and have moved in recently with their four daughters, Elisabeth, Hannah-Maria, Esther and Susannah, three of whom are still living at home. Until a couple of years ago Jonathan was working as an anaesthetist at the Queens Medical Centre which he very much enjoyed. Over a period of time he began to feel a strong call to become ordained, and he was able to train while also still working at the hospital. A while later Kristine also felt called to ordination and is currently training at St Mellitus East Midlands. They feel lucky to be part of the wider church family and have spent many years as a family at St Giles, West Bridgford. More recently they have also spent time in placement at Trinity Church and curacy St Luke's Gamston and Holy Rood Edwalton. While at St Luke's and Holy Rood the whole family was thrust into live online streaming of services (initially from their living room) during the pandemic. It was a time of 'all hands on deck', and it became an opportunity to develop new skills, as a family band and in digital streaming and tech. 


Jonathan and Kristine have a heart for bringing people together with an international flavour. They have connections to many different parts of the world. Kristine is from Norway originally, grew up in the Middle East (where they met) and studied Hebrew and Aramaic prior to ordination. Jonathan lived in Ghana when he was young and has subsequently spent time in other parts of Africa through medicine as well. They both have a heart for others to know the transformational work of the love of God and have witnessed the miracle of God's love across many cultures. They are excited and expectant for all that God has in store for our community! 

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Matt is one of two church wardens at All Hallows. He is a painter and decorator, a hockey player, an avid Liverpool supporter and has tackled many practical challenges of the building over the last year. He and his family joined All Hallows in February 2021.



Liz is a lecturer, has been part of Trent Vineyard for many years, has a heart for building community shaped by the love of Jesus, often with an international flavour.

Contact Liz on liz_gregson@btinternet.com